Basic Settings for the Images use on website & social media

Hi, What are the basic preset edition tags important for the images used on the website and social media?


It really depends on your needs. The most used metadata is the author’s name, the image’s copyright, the content’s description, the GPS location, and the date of creation. Then, as needed, you can add the people appearing in the images or even keywords to search for your images using text, Spotlight, for example. EXIF, IPTC, and XMP tags are the most popular. Google and Apple software use them.

Here is a short list:

  • EXIF:Artist
  • EXIF:ImageDescription
  • EXIF:Copyright
  • EXIF:DateTimeOriginal
  • IPTC:By-line
  • IPTC:Headline
  • IPTC:Caption-Abstract
  • IPTC:Keywords
  • IPTC:City
  • IPTC:Province-State
  • IPTC:Country-PrimaryLocationName
  • IPTC:Country-PrimaryLocationCode
  • XMP:Author
  • XMP:Subject
  • XMP:Keyword

The artist name, copyright, and author is usually edited via a preset. The other tags will depend on your images.