Any Deflicker tips?


Using pics taken 1 hour apart in a polytunnel over a year.
Because there can be big differences between light levels with this spacing, any ideas on best settings to try?


Hi Mike,

I will try to explain to you the parameters.

The first thing is to choose between the mode Uniform or Experimental.
You should use the uniform mode when brightness changes are evenly distributed over the entire images. Otherwise, you may try the experimental mode.

Then you can set 2 other parameters: number of passes and window size. The number of passes is typically 1 or 2: higher the number, smoother the brightness changes. The window size is the number of frames in which there should be no significant change in brightness. For example, if the final video is 60 frames per second, and the window is 30, there will be no significant change in brightness for 0.5 seconds.

Finally, the region is where brightness changes appear. Most of the time, you should keep as default, which is the entire image.

There is no quick fix. The best trick is to use a subset of your images and try different settings.

I hope it helps.


Thanks for the information.
I thought that experimentation would be needed to get best results, as every situation is unique.
When I have 500 or so images I’ll experiment.