Adding tags after latest software update


Hello, prior to the latest software update adding tags seemed easy and intuitive. After the update, I can’t seem to get it to work. Keywords display just fine on the IPTC panel when I view photos edited prior to this update. I try to add new words to the panel on the right of the screen under “IPTC:Keywords” for new photos and it doesn’t work. I type the word. I press enter. The word highlights in blue, but the new word is not saved and it does not show up in the center panel “Keywords” section. It continues to display, “- No Value -”

I use a Mac.

How do I add new keywords?


Never mind. I think I figured it out. I need to add tags and then click, “validate”. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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Hi Jack,

Yes, you have to click on validate at the top-left of the right sidebar.

The previous interface was, for me, the most straightforward design for metadata editing. However, users told me that this one was not clear enough. Moreover, editing several tags at the same time was not possible.

Adding or not this button as well as choosing the validation or cancellation by default, was a complicated decision. What seems best to you?


Howdy, Jeremy,

Well, I’m not a professional photographer, so experts in that area would probably know better. I’m fine either way. Initially, it seemed the “validate” button just didn’t seem intuitive, so it took me a few tries to figure out the new method for saving new tags. I was looking for a “save” button or something similar.

I like the changes that have been made, especially the changes to the “quick look” function. The previous version cut off parts of the image in some cases. That’s been corrected, which is nice. My only suggestions would be…perhaps having the “quick look” button on the same side of the screen so that you aren’t constantly scrolling from opposite sides of the screen to select a photo and then quick look it? Also, it might be nice if after selecting a photo in the “images” panel we could just tap the space bar and the quick look function would be activated. Another tap of the space bar and quick look would be deactivated. Just ideas. Thanks :slight_smile:

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