Add File MD Item User Tags to multiple files removes previous tags

I want to add a tag to multiple files without removing the tags they had originally.

For example:
Let’s say I have a hundred files with tags already.

File 1: Architecture, Italy
File 2: Landscape, Norway
File 3: …

I want to add a tag to all the files without affecting the original tags.

File 1: Architecture, Italy, Outdoors
File 2: Landscape, Norway, Outdoors
File 3: …, Outdoors

I can’t find an easy way to add a tag to all selected files that doesn’t remove the tags that were already there.

If I were to create a preset :zap: to add a tag, I have the option to add tags “After current words”. That doesn’t remove the original tags, but I have to add hundreds of tags to thousands of images, and it will be too slow to have to create a preset for each tag I need to add.

Is there something that I am missing? The software seems to be capable via presets, but I would love to see an option in the Tags menu that says “Add tag after current tags” or something like that.

Hello there,

I think you need to use a “Quick action.” This feature allows you to create presets on the fly. I have attached screenshots. You can also access the action in the main menu bar “Tags > Edit with action > Quick action”.