Trial question - can you


Hello. I’m trying out MetaImage before purchasing to see if it’ll do what I need. I have photos in HEIC and JPG format from our overseas trip. The HEIC (from my iphone 8) have GPS and correct timezone information. However, the JPGs are from my Canon digital camera and are missing GPS and the timezone was off. So, here’s the methodology I’d like to follow using MetaImage (please tell me if this is possible, or give suggestions on how to easily do it).

  1. Load multiple photos (mix of JPG and HEIC) into MetaImage.
  2. Using one selected HEIC as reference, have its GPS and Timezone information copied to selected JPGs. (In essence, they were all taken at the same location and timezone, so I’d like to have the HEIC information used in the JPGs).
  3. Write (save) the updated metadata EXIF tags to the updated files.

(Your trial version only allows a single file to be edited at a time, so I cannot even test this with 2 files… hence the forum question).
Thank you


Hi Kenjo,

The application is designed to perform the task you describe:

  • you open and select the images you want
  • you select the metadata you want to copy
  • you click on a button to copy the values ​
  • you click on a second button to paste them
  • you click on the process button to apply changes

Moreover you can get a refund in 14 days if you do not like the app.