Need preliminary guidance


I have downloaded the demo but find difficulty in using it.
My needs at the moment is to trash all Safari preferences due to surfing issue and uploading of images. In order to keep all my bookmarks I considered to use SyncSettings.
I have chosen an external Hard drive for a backup, but how do I continue from here?! I get the attached message and can’t find a user guide.Need%20explanation|404x500


Hi Alex,

If you want to sync only the Safari bookmarks, you have to select only the file only related to them. It is location is ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist.

You may do as follows:

  • Open SyncSettings
  • Go to the Custom files tab and click on Add other files
  • Press Command+P and go to the ~/Library/Safari folder
  • Then select the file Bookmarks.plist and validate

I cannot see the photo you’ve attached. As you have just sent me an email, the easiest way is to transmit it there.